SpinaCORE Program

Get BACK to LIFE with Dr. Susan Vettichira’s customized - Spina
CORE program.

C - Consultation and Evaluation
This is the first step and involves a Comprehensive evaluation including a detailed Physical examination, Imaging testing – MRI and X-rays, EMG/NCS if needed, for effective diagnosis of the problem and ascertaining the pain generators in the Spine. Treatments begin only after accurate diagnosis of the painful condition. All treatments are customized to each patient’s individual condition, pathology and rehab needs. 

O   Optimization of Medical Management
This second step involves management of pain and inflammation. May involve short-term Pain Medications, Anti-inflammatories & Muscle Relaxants. If needed, injections, such as Epidurals, Nerve Blocks, Facet joint and trigger point injections may be utilized. All spinal injections are under Fluoroscopic guidance, which is X-ray localization for accurate and effective delivery of medication to the exact area of pain. Once acute pain & inflammation has subsided, patients transition to the next step.

R   Rehabilitation of the Spine 
Spinal Rehabilitation is attained in two phases.
1st PHASE - Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy® (IDD Therapy®)
IDD Therapy® can isolate and distract each spinal level. It is important to know what level to treat, as the treatments are effective only if directed to the levels causing pain. Based on a very detailed Physical exam, Imaging and other diagnostic tests, Dr. Vettichira, will be able to identify the problematic levels. The device provides distracting forces within the spine, to help remove pressure away from pain generating structures within the spine. Examples would be…to help retract a bulging or herniated disc away from a nerve, to relieve shooting sciatica-type pain……and also help gently remove pressure from degenerated discs or facet joints, thus helping relieve neck/back pain. The goal of the treatment is to provide a negative pressure within the disc, promoting the diffusion of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the vertebral disc area.
2nd PHASE – After IDD Therapy®
It is important to strengthen and stabilize the muscles that support the spine, for maintaining the effects of the treatments. This is achieved through Stabilization and Strengthening exercises of the Cervical and Lumbar spine, Neuro-muscular training, Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound techniques, Bracing, other Modalities etc.

E   Education and Maintenance
Education on Life-style modification, Home Exercise program and periodic follow ups as needed.