Patient Testimonials

May 7, 2012
I had previously undertaken physical therapy for bulging neck discs, resulting in minor pain relief, prior to contacting Carteret Medical Specialists.

The painless IDD therapy has worked very well, and combined with your physical therapy program, has virtually eliminated my neck pain. I believe this will continue as long as I diligently continue my exercise program.

Thank you for your care, thoroughness, and concise explanations. Please convey to your staff my appreciation for their professionalism, care, and dedication.
Ray Leroux

October 19, 2011
My experience with Carteret Medical Specialists and Dr. Susan Vettichira has been very good and helpful. She is compassionate and she listens and did all she could to ease my pain. She referred me to the therapist, there, on premises, which was very helpful so I did not have to go somewhere else. Everything I needed was there.

The therapist, Kristen, was very astute. When I could not do one exercise because of pain, she found another that I could do. She never pushed me to do what I felt I could not do.

All of this together has enabled me to do much better and the pain has subsided greatly. I actually enjoyed going to therapy.

Thank you Dr. Susan and Kristen and all the crew.  
Mildred Bowman

September 24, 2011
I am almost 82 years old and was suffering extreme neck and shoulder pain. Someone told me about a doctor who treated this here in Morehead City with NO OPERATION. I called and made an appointment.

After three visits with pain was almost gone. Then physical therapy for a short time. NO OPERATION - NO PAIN for the last ten (10) weeks.

I would recommend Dr. Vettichira to anyone suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain... She and all her staff were very kind, courteous and professional. My thanks to each of them. It really feels good to have the pain gone.  

July 28, 2011
Dear Dr. Susan,

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your fantastic staff, especially Kristin (PT) and Sheila (Technician) for the care and treatments that have enabled me to face each day literally pain free. My lower back pain was intolerable but after treatments including the injections, IDD machine and physical therapy, I am feeling like a new woman! God bless you and thank you for my new outlook on life!

Most Sincerely,
Ann Toohey

July 27, 2011
I have had neck pain for many years and I came to Carteret Medical Specialists and Dr. Susan Vettichira for treatment. We began a regimen of physical therapy, which included soft tissue massage, exercises and IDD Therapy®.

I am now able to move freely and enjoy television, driving, and playing cards for longer periods of time.

I would highly recommend these treatments for anyone who has spinal problems.
Harriet Gillikin